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A List of Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites

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Supported Site Generators:All


Daptin follows JSONAPI.org for APIs and comes with a ready to use dashboard. REST based complete backend for your next application.

JSONAPI.org based apis

  • filter/pagination/sorting/querying/relations

Client libraries

AuthN and AuthZ

  • BuiltIn Oauth2
  • Table and row level authorization
  • Users and usergroups

Data store

  • SQL backed datastore - use mysql/postgres/sqlite - take your choice
  • Host static content using google drive or other cloud drives
  • Host static sites using daptin, mix in the JSON APIs


  • Use for both web and mobile based applications
  • Integrate with 3rd party APIs - Use actions and outcomes to define your workflow
  • Light weight, self hosted, zero external dependencies to get started
  • Super fast - built on golang. Limitless horizontal scalability
  • Host static subsites with one click
  • State tracking APIs
  • Maintain Audit of everything happening in the system
  • Create and resuse schemas from marketplace
  • Data validation and conformation hooks

Documentation : https://docs.dapt.in