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A List of Content Management Systems for Jamstack Sites

open source


Supported Site Generators:All


Easily consume the following features on any device (cross platform static build release based on golang)

Define Schema


Get By Id



Delete relations

List relations

  • Versioning of the data
  • Authentication and authorization
  • JSON API endpoint
  • GraphQL endpoint
  • Actions and integrations with external services

Get Started


  • Declarative Data Modeling system
    • Unique/Primary keys
    • Single/Multiple Relation
    • Normalizations and conformations
    • Scripting using JS
  • CRUD JSON APIs' for all tables
    • Create, Read, Update, Delete
    • Sort, filter, search, group by single/multiple columns
    • Authentication and Group based authorization
    • Pluggable middleware, conformations and normalizations
    • Trigger actions/pipelines
  • GraphQL APIs
    • Read and Mutations APIs for all tables
    • One level of relationship fetching
  • Client SDK libraries for all platforms
  • Rich data types
    • Column types ranging from number to json to file/image assets
  • Sub sites hosting
    • Expose multiple websites from a single instance
    • Connect multiple domains/sub-domains
  • Pluggable Social Auth, Basic Auth or Username/Password Auth
  • Cloud storage
    • Connect to external cloud storage services seamlessly
    • Pull data/Push data
  • Action APIs
    • Define work-flows
    • Expose custom endpoints for other services
  • Ready to use web dashboard
    • Responsive to desktop, mobile and table
  • Cross platform
    • Windows, Mac, Linux and more



Asset and file storage