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A List of Content Management Systems for Jamstack Sites

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Supported Site Generators:All

Why dotCMS

dotCMS makes it easy to deliver content anywhere and everywhere: IoT devices, mobile apps, voice assistants, digital signage, Smart TVs, streaming devices, or whatever comes next. Our Hybrid CMS approach goes beyond the traditional headless CMS to give you API access not only to content, but templates, modules, pages, and workflows.

  1. API First Architecture - create once, deliver anywhere
  2. Structured Content - centralize and future-proof your content
  3. Cloud or On-premise - containerized scalability and flexibility
  4. Personalization - track and analyze customer journeys
  5. Push Publishing - dynamic, static or hybrid publishing
  6. Best-of-breed technology - quick and seamless integration with 3rd party systems
  7. Multi-tenant - manage thousands of sites and channels
  8. Workflows - custom multistep workflows to ensure governance

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