A List of Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites

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Elemeno is an API-Based, Headless CMS designed to manage content for digital projects on any platform or device.

Use Content Anywhere

Deliver your content to any platform using any programming language, framework or library. You’re not restricted by your CMS anymore.

Friendly API

All of your content is delivered via our easy to use RESTful API allowing you to fetch your content wherever and whenever you need it.

Easy Content Modelling

Quickly and easily define your content model using our drag and drop interface with input types for all your content needs.

Cloud Based

No software to install, no databases to maintain. You manage your content, we’ll manage everything else.

Blazing Fast CDN

Your media files will be served from our lightning fast CDN. We’ll even extract useful metadata about your media and deliver it with your content.

Content Versioning

We keep track of every change you make to a content entry so you can easily revert to an earlier version at any time.