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A List of Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites


Supported Site Generators:All


Flotiq is an effortless headless Content Management System. Flotiq's goal is to provide developers with an easy to use API and powerful integrations and SDKs that allow them to build complex systems.

Where to start?

Head over to Flotiq Docs or start exploring immediately with a free account.

We published several deep-dive docs describing how to get started building JAMstack-based apps with Flotiq, try building a blog in 3 minutes.

Key features

There are several things that set Flotiq apart from other headless CMS:

  • Dynamic Content API - an automatically generated set of endpoints based on your current set of content types
  • OpenAPI support
  • Dynamic API docs, reflecting your current set of endpoints
  • built-in versioning
  • powerful search API.

Go try Flotiq now.