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A List of Content Management Systems for Jamstack Sites


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Our Mission

Being developers, it was easy to understand that traditional content management systems could not keep up with the requirements of modern, multichannel app development. The mobile and internet of things revolution is forcing CMS vendors to rethink their product strategies, as content now lives on multiple platforms. REST based, API-first content management systems, so called headless content management systems entered the landscape as a logical consequence. And while REST is basically doing the trick, it has some limitations that make developing sites and applications a pain. Our mission is to remove these pain points by using the power of GraphQL and take the idea of a headless CMS to the next level.

Why Use GraphCMS?

API-first CMS of the future

Building essential content infrastructure for your digital products, while setting the stage for content creators.

We're focused on Developers challenges

Minimum payload, client-driven data queries, generated documentation, powerful tooling and extensive filtering for an utterly flexible interaction with your API. The generated GraphQL API works for read and write operations and scales seamlessly.

Checkout our docs for more information: