A List of Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites

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Supported Site Generators:
  • Jekyll

Meet Hyde

Hyde provides a simple-to-use web interface to manage content in Jekyll-powered GitHub Pages.

No Jekyll installation or console manipulation is needed.

Use Hyde to create and edit posts and pages, manage the images in your repository and use the markdown editor to easily insert them in your pages or posts.

Stop dealing with the console

One of the biggest barriers to the Jekyll + GitHub adoption is that you have to mess with the console, something most users are not comfortable with.

Let Hyde handle the messy parts so you can focus on what really matters: The content.

Create something amazing, edit it, go back and change it again because we developers are never happy. Everything is synced automatically with your GitHub repo.

Edit content beautifully

Use the built in Markdown editor to create and edit your posts/pages and preview the results side by side.

The Front Matter is separated from the content, and you can visually browse for images hosted on your site to insert them.

Easy image management

Images are one of the most importat pieces of information for a website.

With Hyde you can manage the images of your website visually, upload or delete them, all changes are synced to your GitHub repo.