A List of Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites

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Narwhal CMS

Supported Site Generators:
  • Angular
  • Backbone
  • Ember
  • React

Narwhal CMS

The ultimate CMS for front-end developers - Narwhal is a hosted content management system that exposes your content via a self-documenting API.

How it works

  1. Define your content

    Define the types of content you need and how your data will be structured. You can easily define content types such as articles and products by using the advanced content modeling tools. Narwhal’s powerful form builder supports widgets for entering text, lists, dates, locations, media and much more.

  2. Manage your content

    Allow your team of editors or clients to efficiently manage their content. Our user-friendly CMS has all your bases covered: strong multilingual support, an easy-to-use interface, an advanced media library, user management and access control.

  3. Expose your content

    From the second your content is entered, it is exposed through our APIs. APIs to expose your content, your media and even your navigation structure, are available. Each API is automatically documented and is always up to date, even when your data structure changes.