A List of Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites

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The quickest and most flexible way to make your content editable.

Storyblok is a service that lets you plugin frontend editing capabilities to any template engine, framework or system of your choice. Built to increase productivity and promote reusable components.

You will be able to create components nested in Stories (If you want to create a website you can go with - a story equals to a page). The key concepts behind Storyblok are highly inspired by the BEM methodology.

Unlimited nested components

The author of a story can create a nested tree of components and input content in an easy and fast responding interface. You can find more in our Introduction. You can then call the read-only CDN with the JSON tree and render your components in a loop.

Free technology choice

As with most API Driven CMS out there you have free choice of technology, we went one step further and not only created SDKs, we directly added the possibility to use Themes and Boilerplates to start from scratch - to even be more efficient while boostrapping new projects.